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We all know that February 14 of every single year is a great and meaningful day for all the couples, or for the singles with a loved person in mind. However, little do we know that there is more than just one Valentine’s Day per year? In fact, each month’s 14th is a Valentine day in Western country.

In Ipohflower, we don’t just talk about flower. We recognize that flower is only a means for expressing the building message of love and romance. And so, here is a guide on valentine in every month – to enrich your life with love and romance 


    14th January – Diary Day                                                                             

Popularized by the classic romance movie “The notebook” (if your another half haven’t see this movie, bring him/her along), lovers have the tradition to  give a diary book to the other half as to jot down every memorable moments they had together.

     14th March – White Day

This month is when you get a love response from your confession target at 14th February. A guy will reciprocate white theme gift such as white chocolate and white roses. It is very commonly celebrated in Japan and South Korea.

   14th April – Black Day

Black day is a single nobles festivals where singles can enjoy themselves in this day celebrating a holiday. They will dress in a black themed - black hat, the black leather shoes, drinking black coffee and enjoying black chocolate – or maybe, a black themed rose as well.

  14th May – Yellow & Rose Day

On Yellow Day, the singles will wear yellow shirt and dine yellow curry, signifying that he/she is single and available. Also, May 14th is also known as Rose Valentine day, when couples will go for an outing together and give each other yellow roses as a symbol of love.

   14th June – Kiss Day

In this special day, lovers start their day with a passionate kiss to confirm their relationship. Nothing beats a kiss to convey our innermost feelings to our beloved. This is also a good day to confess your feelings to a crush and start a new relationship with a smooch. 

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